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Behind My Smile

Mindful Missions Health & Wellness.

Melanie Smiles is an author and registered nurse with 10 years of experience specializing in emergency and trauma. She's also a licensed cosmetologist, travel club member, and business owner of Mindful Missions Health & Wellness.

Melanie is a God-fearing and caring woman with a gift to serve. She's triumphed through the struggles of being a high school teenage mother of two kids and survivor of a narcissistic abusive marriage.

She has an unwavering desire to be a woman of influence by helping others overcome brokenness, heal, and live a more peaceful, and fulfilled life by sharing the good works of Jesus Christ.



"It's healing in this book.

For the authors and the readers."


"This book is very well written and very candid, these testimonials really touch me because I've been through a lot of it, I can really relate, I just couldn't stop reading it was like I was reading my own past, I am happy to say that these young ladies triumph through all the drama and the deceit by the grace of God, they put it all in his hands and he worked it out, all you have to do is trust, ask, and praise."


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